This is Albert

Albert is a tool for efficient assessment of the risks associated with the territory or property in time and space.

Do you want to be sure that you live in a healthy and safe environment?
Are you going to buy a land?
Would you like to build on a land?
Do you need to know what to insure against?

Based on a detailed analysis, Albert will identify natural and anthropogenic hazards that can cause significant damage not only to infrastructure but also to human lives and offers you the answers you are looking for.
Is your property in a healthy area? What would this territory look like in a longer time, ten or fifteen years? Will the character of your land change due to the elements?
Albert has the answer to every one of these questions.

Why Albert?

The Albert tool can provide information about the land not only within the space where it is located, but also within the time frame. This way not only you get a detailed analysis of current risks, but also of the future ones. In short, Albert will reveal the risks that you face not only in relation to the space where your land is located, but also at different time periods. Albert identifies all risks in time and space.
That is why our Albert borrowed a name from his more famous namesake Albert Einstein, who became famous for his theory of time and space.

In just a few minutes, Albert can send you a comprehensive report which, in addition to the possible occurrence of the threat, will include its exact description, clear interpretation, and probability of any risk in your territory.
Ask Albert and discover the risks of your property in time and space. This way you will prevent unexpected problems and save considerable expenses.

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