Potential for agriculture

Agricultural production is closely linked to the habitat conditions of the land. In addition to climatic and soil conditions, agricultural activities are affected by legislative restrictions, natural hazards and soil contamination. The chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the production potential of the land, its current use, factors increasing the potential for agricultural activities, as well as factors limiting and excluding some agricultural activities. The production potential of land for agricultural purposes is expressed by an index whose value ranges from 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Its calculation is determined as a weighted average of the determined values of soil production capacity on the selected land. It takes into account the conditions of the land in terms of fertility, cultivability, availability and climatic characteristics. Simultaneously, the percentage of entities using agricultural land, as well as the ratio of selected climatic and pedological characteristics, is expressed in tabular form. The text section may contain information on factors that increase the potential, such as the proximity of a field road or a low level of soil degradation. From the point of view of limiting factors, for example, intersection with different types of protection zones, erosion risk, contamination or soil compaction are assessed. The scope of the text part depends on the occurrence of the assessed phenomena on the given plot.